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  • Quality Policy

    The Executive Director of adis Higiene sets forth the Quality Policy in this Quality Manual:

    The aim of the Company is to provide Large National Accounts an efficient and optimized supply Service that reduces costs and maximizes performance through the coordination and centralization of required supplies and the constant improvement and updating of products and services. To do so, the Company will invest its profits in the constant improvement of its procedures and the expansion of its market presence.

    We streamline the professional cleaning industry by organizing the production or labor, so profits are increased or costs are reduced with minimal effort.

    We believe that clients play a significant and primary role in defining the quality of our service. Thus, we will take action to ensure their satisfaction levels.

    To put our quality policy into practice, the company has implemented a management system based on the UNE ISO 9001 standard in pursuit of the following strategy:

    1. Strengthen our market image, creating confidence and preventing any non-compliance or complaint; or detecting them before being delivered to the client.
    2. Have a useful and efficient management system in place.
    3. Continuous individual and collective commitment to different processes.
    4. Give necessary priority to the prevention of errors and defects as the only means of improving the quality levels of our services.
    5. Ensure that the needs and expectations of the client are known, including legal and regulatory requirements that affect us, with the aim to satisfy them.
    6. Satisfy the requirements established by clients.
    7. Continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system.